Put my two decades of experience as a film executive who loves the art of storytelling to work for you.

What is True Development?

“Development” has become a dirty word, synonymous with intrusion and waste. Nobody talks about “development heaven.”

True development serves your story only.

True development ensures that the words on the page are telling your story as effectively as possible.

After almost twenty years as an independent film industry executive, I am now offering my services on a freelance basis. Whether you just need a knowledgeable, objective opinion on your story, or a “writer’s personal trainer” to coach you through the screenwriting process, I can help.

Could your story use some true development?

A few fun facts about me, John Crye.

Fact: My first job in independent film was in 1980, working a homemade clapboard for my big brother’s backyard Super 8 masterpiece.

Here’s another: I had no idea what development was when I was first hired to do it. Fortunately, my boss didn’t know what it was either.

And another: I came to LA from a bohemian Boston theater circle and honestly believed that development entailed protecting the intentions and voice of the writer. Okay, stop laughing.

One more: That naïve idea actually worked.

Let’s get to work!